Bow Roller Replacement

Bow Roller Replacement

bow roller replacement

A bow roller replacement alternative is an automatic boat latch on Boat2Trailer. The Boat2Trailer Latch has an extremely durable upgraded Stoltz Polyurethane protectant for boats. Instead of consistently purchasing a bow roller replacement for your front roller, try the Boat2Trailer Latch. Not only does the product have a high end long lasting Stoltz poly protectant, is has a built in clamp. The clamp allows you to drive your boat up the trailer and once the eye of your boat comes in contact with the clamp. The clamp will lock the eye, keeping the boat tight against the polyurethane. Now instead of keeping your motor running while you hookup your strap and chain, you can simply exit the boat. Now pull your boat and trailer forward into the dry waters edge to hookup your strap and chain for safe travel. Check out our Ramp N Clamp Models.

Bow roller replacement Compatibility

This bow roller replacement is compatible with most V hull or Semi V boats. Here are a few points.

  • Must have at least a semi V bow. The V in the bow just has to be curved enough for the bow to cradle into the polyurethane. 
  • The eye of the boat must come up snug directly under your current roller. There can not be a gap between the roller and the eye of the boat.
  • Take a look at the eye of your boat to know exactly which model you would need (See clickable MODELS image below)
  • We recommend boats less than 6,500 lbs.
  • No obstructions such as Anchors or large keel ridge on the bow. (the poly must be able to rest flat on the bow surface.)
Bow roller replacement Models

Install of the bow roller replacement Boat2Trailer latch is simple. You remove your current one bolt bow roller, bow stop or bow bumper. The Boat2Trailer latch installs in the exact same place as your roller was. It is a one bolt installation process. If you are interested in watching installation videos please click here on the Boat2Trailer installation Videos Link. Or click the button below.

Bow Roller Replacement Installation