Ramp N Clamp Details Page

Ramp N Clamp Overview

Stainless Steel

Ramp N Clamp Stainless Steel

Constructed With Stainless Steel

The Ramp N Clamp is constructed of a stainless steel to prevent corrosion and help prevent rusting of the boat latch.

  • One of the best and most well-known characteristics of stainless steel is that it is extremely corrosion resistant. Especially know for its durability in salt climate and salt water conditions.
  • Holds up INCREDIBLY well in most all climate conditions.
  • Stainless steel is an extremely tough and highly durable material with high impact resistance.
  • You will NOT be disappointed in the long lasting durability of the clamp.

Stoltz Polyurethane

Ramp N Clamp Polyurethane

Covered With Stoltz Polyurethane

The Ramp N Clamp cover is made up of an upgraded Stoltz Polyurethane to prevent damage to your boat. Stoltz has been known around the world for its superior super roller material and we have upgraded it to an even stronger more resistant protector. 10 times more durable than plastic. Here are key notes to consider about Stoltz Poly.

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Non-staining, known for it’s highest standard of less marking
  • Won’t split or crack, even in extreme cold
  • Longer, consistent performance
  • Will not flat spot after months of storage

Ramp N Clamp Low Profile Design

Ramp N Clamp Low Profile

Low Profile Design

The Ramp N Clamp was designed and engineered to have a low profile mounting bracket. It is important to keep the boat in the same position on the trailer after installing the automatic boat latch. Having a low profile mounting bracket puts the clamp in a very similar position the roller was. This helps prevent you from having to adjust the winch stand to compensate any offset. If you have a welded trailer winch stand, this is incredibly important. Ramp N Clamp helps keep your boat in the position it was meant to be on the trailer.

Designed to reduce impact stress on your bow and eye of your boat

Ramp N Clamp Shock Absorbers

“Shock Absorbers” Reduces Any Steel On Steel Impact

The Ramp N Clamp is engineered to prevent stress on the bow of the boat from the impact of loading. The clamp is designed to travel past the polyurethane protector. This allows the eye of the boat to contact the polyurethane as a shock absorber or cushion when loading. The clamp also has a secondary built in shock absorbing trait. This secondary absorber comes into effect when the clamp travels far enough from a higher impact and comes into contact with the backside absorber of the polyurethane. This way there is no high energy steel on steel impact or resistance.

Designed to reduce steel on steel wear and tear of your eye

prevent steel on steel

Prevent wear and tear on your eye

The Ramp N Clamp is engineered to prevent steel on steel wear and tear of the bow eye. The clamp is designed to travel freely beyond the polyurethane to eliminate direct pressure on your eye. When you tighten your strap the eye will snug up against the Stoltz Polyurethane not the stainless steel clamp. This is extremely important when traveling. Prevent any future issues you may have of steel on steel wear on your eye.

Designed to reduce steel on steel wear and add a smooth rotation

Ramp N CLamp rotation Washer

Prevent steel on steel wear and tear and provide a smooth rotation

The Ramp N Clamp is engineered to prevent steel on steel wear and tear of your winch stand mounting bracket and the clamp. We added a nylon washer to the mounting bracket of the clamp to prevent wear and tear and also give a smooth rotation when the clamp has to pivot. Many landings are different. On steeper landings the clamp has to pivot more when the boat comes into it. This pivoting can cause major scratches and damage to the steel on both the clamp and winch post. Having this nylon washer helps prevent that damage.

Bow Drop Roller - What's It For?

bow drop roller

Bow Drop Roller – What’s It For?

The Ramp N Clamp has a little roller on the top of the polyurethane. This little roller serves zero purpose for loading the boat. It does not normally rest on the boat during travel either. This roller does NOT guide the boat in, center the boat or have any impact at all on loading. The only purpose this roller serves, is if you happen to put the trailer in too deep when Launching the boat. If it’s too deep the nose of the boat will drop hard when launching. This little roller just prevents the rub rail or protruding nose of the boat from catching on the polyurethane of our device when launching. The ridge will just bump the roller and roll over the polyurethane edge. If you do not have a protruding nose or rub rail that sticks out of the nose of the boat, This roller probably will not even serve a purpose for you.

Short Handle Launching & Loading Options

Ramp N Clamp Short Handle

Short Handle – Launch and Loading Options

The Ramp N Clamp short handle comes with 2 handles an “automatic” handle and a “manual” handle. The automatic handle requires you to float the boat to launch, but automatically resets after launch. The manual handle enables you to open the clamp at anytime and keep it open. Then manually flip it down to load. This allows you to open the clamp while on dry or level land and it will stay open. When you enter the water the boat will just float off the trailer and you will NOT be required to pull the lever. BUT you will be required to manually flip the lever back down when you are ready to load the boat again. Please Note: The short handle CAN NOT BE CONVERTED TO LONG HANDLE

Long Handle Launching Option

Ramp N Clamp Long Handle

Long Handle – Release Your Boat From Inside The Boat

The Long handle option is great for launching your boat from inside the boat. If you prefer to be inside the boat when you launch, the long handle is the option we suggest. Many customers add a rope to the handle in order to stand deep inside the boat when releasing. Adding a rope also comes in handy when you have a low sitting or low mounted eye on the bow. This option does require the boat to be floating in order to launch the boat. Please Note: The Long handle CAN NOT BE CONVERTED TO SHORT HANDLE

Collaboratively Engineered at Skeeter, Mastercraft and Ranger Boats

engineered at

Collaboratively Engineered at Skeeter, Mastercraft and Ranger Boats

Ramp and Clamp was established in 2012. Since 2012 there have been many improvements to the design of the boat latch. We have been working directly with the engineers at MasterCraft, Skeeter and Ranger boats in order to bring you the most advanced automatic launch and load system on the market. You will notice in the breakdown above, there are a number of key factors we have taken into consideration during the process. Offering the best functionality while protecting your boat and the clamp at the absolute highest level.

2 Year Warranty

2 year warranty

Comes with a 2 Year Warranty

The Ramp N Clamp is 100% Made In USA. We are proud to say we offer a 2 year warranty on the Ramp N Clamp. Boat2Trailer LLC warrants the Ramp-N-Clamp Boat Latch to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for 2 years from purchase of the Ramp-N-Clamp Boat Latch. This warranty does not apply to a commercial buyer who uses the Ramp-N-Clamp Boat Latch for purposes and uses beyond personal recreational use. This warranty does not cover damage, loss or failure which results in whole or in part from improper installation, misuse, neglect, failure to properly maintain, or other damage caused by inappropriate handling or use of, the Ramp-N-Clamp Boat Latch. This warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the defective Ramp-N-Clamp Boat Latch in the sole and exclusive discretion of Boat2Trailer LLC. This warranty does not cover, and no claim shall be made hereunder for, consequential damages, secondary charges, incidental damages, labor, installation costs or expenses, or losses or liability to third parties for personal injury or property damage proximately resulting from defects in the Ramp-N-Clamp Boat Latch. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, ARE EXCLUDED AND DISCLAIMED, EXCEPTING ONLY THE EXPRESSED WARRANTIES SPECIFICALLY SET FORTH IN THIS LIMITED WARRANTY. Breach or failure under the foregoing warranty shall not be grounds to rescind any agreement under which the Ramp-N-Clamp Boat Latch has been purchased or to claim setoff or other remedies against Boat2Trailer LLC or any other party as a result of such breach or defect. In order to make a claim under this warranty, the owner of the trailer and the Ramp-N-Clamp Boat Latch must provide written notice of specific defects to Boat2Trailer LLC, promptly, and in no event more than thirty (30) days, after discovery of such defect. The owner may return a defective Ramp-N-Clamp Boat Latch only upon receipt of written return authorization from Boat2Trailer LLC.