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Boat Launch Videos

Here are a couple of our boat launch videos and our customers boat launch videos (customer videos coming soon).

These are example boat launch videos of how well the Drotto automatic boat latch works with a V hull front boat. This particular boat trailer setup in this boat launch video is an Alumacraft boat with a Shoreland’r trailer. The boat latch works on many many types of V hull front boat and trailer setups. The boat latch is NOT LIMITED to this model.

Description of the Single boat launch video

In this short boat launch video you will see how easy 1 person can unload a boat using the Drotto automatic boat latch.
In this boat launch video the chains and straps on the boat have been unhooked in the pre-launch area. The Drotto boat latch secures the boat to the trailer without the straps and chains hooked up. You may then back down into the water. Once you are ready to launch the boat, just pull the lever and away you go.

Description of the 2 person boat launch video

This boat launch video shows you how easy 2 people can unload a boat using the Drotto automatic boat latch.
This 2 man boat launch video shows that a boat on a roller trailer (or bunk trailer) can be unhooked of it’s chains and straps on the dry section of the ramp or in the pre-launch area (either is fine). The boat latch secures the boat to the trailer without the need of straps and chains holding the boat on the trailer. Once the driver of the vehicle has backed the boat far enough into the water, just pull the lever and away you go.

Boat Launch Video Recap

We hope that these boat launch videos help give you a better understanding of how easy it is to launch a boat when using our boat latch. We some day hope to help many fishermen and boating enthusiasts all over the world. Whether it’s boating alone, boating with a novice, boating with a youngster or just plain speeding up the process of launching a boat we hope our Drotto boat latch helps.

In these boat launch videos you will also notice NO WET FEET. Having to step into the water trying to launch your boat before even getting out into the lake is a pain. Using our boat latch you will rarely have to get into the water to launch your boat again. Boating is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, KEEP YOUR FEET DRY.

Another large benefit of the boat latch is NO RESETTING of the product! That’s right. Once you launch your boat you can bring it straight back in without messing with the latch. It’s ready to grab your boat again without resetting anything!

Make sure your next boat outing is a great one! Order the Drotto boat latch on today!

**Please measure the size of your bow roller before ordering. The two sizes available are 3 inch and 3 3/4 inch. Please click link to see a breakdown of the Drotto Boat Latch sizes.

Unfortunately this product does not work on pontoons or flat bottom boats.

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