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Boat2Trailer Reviews

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George G. George G. 1695130640
The lake I fish does not allow power... loading. I am disabled and have trouble climbing in and out of my boat. I also fish alone a lot of the time. I have a Dakota boat retriever. This will pull my boat onto my trailer most of the way. With you receiver I can then back up until the boat hits the latch. It locks on and I can the pull out. It makes it so much easier. I had almost given up on fishing because of the difficulty of launching and pulling my boat out. Thank you so much of inventing this.read more

Kyle F. Kyle F. 1695050330
Order came way faster than expected.... Installed quickly/easily. Makes loading and unloading a breeze. I purchased the sport model for my 2006 Nitro Z6. My fishing parter never needs to get out of the truck while loading or unloading. 10/10 would recommend.read more

Brad F. Brad F. 1694896436
The customer service was... excellent....the usps was to lazy to deliver to my house and returned package to sender.... Boat2trailer resent using another carrier... unit is installed.... I will recommend this to everyoneread more

Paul H. Paul H. 1694281082
Best purchase I’ve ever made for my... trailer.read more

Mike G. Mike G. 1693194528
What a great idea. Love it and easy to... install. Best purchase I have made for my boat.read more

Mickey E. Mickey E. 1692894203
Fantastic product. Easy install

Henry C. Henry C. 1692833606
Great product, bought the sport model... for my Nitro. Installation is easy, but be prepared that you may need to change up the nylon bushings. I did mine in the garage and the bushings that came with it wouldn’t fit properly, with what came with it they would be to wide or not wide enough depending on which ones I tried to configure to get them to fit. I ended up going to the hardware store and buying different thicknesses and was able to install properly. Works like a dream, should have done this sooner.read more

Dimakatso M. Dimakatso M. 1692704856
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Ronald H. Ronald H. 1692639465
Once I figured out how to install the... item (actually reading the instructions) it was a breeze to put on. This far exceeded my expectations and will make it so much better for me and my back to upload and load. Highly recommendread more

Kevin R. Kevin R. 1691878435

Roy M. Roy M. 1691799669
I use the sport model with a Yamaha 242... L and so far it has worked great! Unloading was flawless and loading was incredibly simple. Certainly helps remove stress at a busy ramp!read more

Glenn D. Glenn D. 1691704062
So far the best thing I've added to my... Ranger trailer so far !!! The people at Boat2Trailer are very helpful and knowledgeable !!!!!read more

Scott J. Scott J. 1691679654
Great product! I wish I had purchased... one years ago. I highly recommend!read more

Kevin B. Kevin B. 1691374953
Customer service is great. Had a... question. How did your care of it right away so far so goodread more

Tim J H. Tim J H. 1690939785
It worked perfectly the first time I... installed it. It's a life saver for launching and loading my boat.read more

Darlene L. Darlene L. 1690859191
This product is truly a life saver. ... Easily retrieve your vessel from the water with complementary no issues. Worth every dollar.read more

tfosters01 tfosters01 1690574250
I ordered the sports model after doing... quite a bit of research. I had some brain surgery this year and the doctor said I shouldn’t be leaning over the boat to hook and unhook it. So I ran with this product and I am so glad I did. Excellent product. It was a perfect fit for my SMOKER CRAFT stilleto boat and my Shore Lander trailer.read more

Terry W. Terry W. 1690514827
Shipped super quick. Installed very... easy... It's as simple as advertised. Latch system works very well. My trailer winch stand is not adjustable (Vexus DVX 22)... Bow eye does not fit snug to landing pad and light loading rash is beginning to show above bow eye. But, it's staying in. So much easier than winch.read more

Mike C. Mike C. 1690508598
Great product. However I should have... ordered the short handle model. Live and learn.read more

Jacob C. Jacob C. 1690460056
Great product. Has made loading super... quick. Just hook and go. Appears to be built very strong and I like the size and how much coverage it provides in protection along the boat. I highly recommend this product for any boat owner.read more

Mike S. Mike S. 1690137722
Love this! Easy install and works... great.read more

Jared H. Jared H. 1690063660
Use it with my Hurricane 235 and it is... spectacularread more

Wesley H. Wesley H. 1689740294
Easy to install, easy to launch, easy... to load.
I'm glad I purchased the Ramp and Clamp which is a safer way to load and unload all by yourself or someone backing the trailer in for you.
read more

Ronald V. Ronald V. 1689516297
Works great wish I had it sooner... 😃read more

Scott P. Scott P. 1689392618
I have used it a couple times and works... like a champ!read more

Chris E. Chris E. 1689342762
Great experience, very helpful and... friendly support and fast response to issues. The clamp is working as expected and I love itread more

Chris E. Chris E. 1689342705
Great experience, very helpful and... friendly support and fast response to issues. The clamp is working as expected and I love itread more

JOE K. JOE K. 1689172030
Easy to install and even easier to use.... I can kick myself for not purchasing the Boat2Trailer years ago. The guides and roller position the eye perfectly every time. Just listen for the click and you're done. Love IT!read more

Jason G. Jason G. 1689132793
I wish I had found this product... earlier. I have a disability and this product has made launching and loading my boat a breeze. I've had several people trying to load their boat by themselves walk over and ask about this product after seeing me load so easily.read more

Kevin W. Kevin W. 1689044974
Absolutely love this product. This is... my second bounty with a boat latch system. I will never have a boat without this latch included.read more

Zachary G. Zachary G. 1688873776
Great Product, Great Customer Service.... Just as Advertised.read more

Chris T. Chris T. 1688412412

canda W. canda W. 1686828149
Works great. Wish I did it sooner

Mike A. Mike A. 1686574626
great place

Bradley C. Bradley C. 1685934800
Works great, hook right up and works... perfect. Need things like this to make boating easier, recommend for sure.read more

Payton R. Payton R. 1683318143
Best invest I've made in a while as... long as it last for the years they guarantee it. Have already told several of my friends who fish about it and also mention it to a cousin of mine who owns a marina selling boats.read more

John P. John P. 1682080999
theres only one thing to say and thats... I wish I would of gotten this a long time ago, well built and easy to use off loading and loading wont be without this againread more

Jeff D. Jeff D. 1679616013
Would recommend to anyone, especially... when you’re loading and unloading by yourselfread more

Willie T. Willie T. 1673318523
Installed this recently and must say it... works like a charm!!!! had to lift boat bunks up to raise boat for it to line up correctly vs where the roller use to be but this thing is a game changer if you fish alone. Have used it 4 times in the past couple weeks and can say money well spent! Only thing i modified/added was i added a 150lb mono (about 2 feet) with a handle (pvc) so i don't👍👍 have reach over the bow to release boat, and other thing i replaces the pin for handle with a stainless bolt and nut so it is not so easy to steal at boat ramp.read more

Siya DA G. Siya DA G. 1672191516
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Abigail Brilliant K. Abigail Brilliant K. 1668309449
My coworker referred me to Mrs. Cathy... Frederick he and his family spoke highly of her and said she was military friendly, so I decided to reach out to her. From her first interaction, I was very pleased. She was clearly very knowledgeable and seemed dedicated to her clients. As a first time of my investing, I was anxious about the process, but Mrs. Cathy Frederick took the time to provide me a virtual orientation that covered everything one would need to know to get started. I ended up investing with her with $15,00 because of the area I was looking to purchase in. Mrs. Cathy was also phenomenal! I'm now earning $15,700 USD weekly and always available anytime I had questions. Mrs. Cathy Frederick ensured that I felt comfortable through the entire process and made it enjoyable! I highly recommend this realty company!
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Donald jasper

Will it work on a 20′ crown line

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