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Drotto Boat Latch on Boat 2 Trailer
Drotto Boat Latch Face
Drotto Boat Latch Side
Drotto Boat Latch jaws
Drotto Boat Latch Plastic

The Drotto boat latch is designed to mount on your trailer using your existing brackets and replacing only your existing bow roller. When the bow eye on the front of your boat comes in contact with the latch, the latch automatically grabs onto the bow eye of your boat and automatically locks it in place. Now that the nose of your boat is secured to your trailer you may step out of the boat, enter your vehicle and drive to a safe pre-launch area to hookup your straps and safety chain.  Click below for more info..

Drotto Boat Latch Videos


Drotto Boat Latch bunk install

Loading Videos

Drotto Boat Latch load

Launching Videos

Drotto Boat Latch Launching Videos

Bow Drop Bracket

Bow Drop Bracket

Installation of the Drotto Boat Latch

Learn how to install the boat latch on a Roller or bunk trailer.

Installing the Drotto boat latch on most boat trailers is very simple. It only requires you to remove your existing bow roller from your trailer and replace it with the latch (one bolt).

Bunk Trailer Installation

Drotto Boat Latch bunk install

Roller Trailer Install

Drotto Boat Latch roller install

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Welcome to We are revolutionizing the boating industry with the simplest and most effective boat load and boat launch system on the market. The inventors of the Drotto boat latch are avid fisherman, boating enthusiasts and out doors men.
It seems the hardest part about a fishing trip (other than finding the fish) is the loading and unloading of the boat. With this simple Drotto automatic boat latch, a single person can load and unload a V front boat with ease without ever stepping foot in the water. The Drotto boat latch can catch a boat from the water and release a boat into the water without any resetting or a person getting into the water. No other auto boat latch product on the market offers this.

Boat2Trailer Drotto Boat Latch Reviews

Dan Fields
Dan Fields
Finally got to try my new Drotto Latch this weekend. Water was so high half the truck went in the water, but the Drotto worked perfectly and nobody had to get wet feet! This thing is fantastic!read more
Don ONeill
Don ONeill
Awesome! Works as advertised. It cut my loading time by 75%!
William Heim
William Heim
It’s a must have makes life easy for this guide. Thank you
Gary Robinson
Gary Robinson
Dylan Thompson
Dylan Thompson
Mike Dufour
Mike Dufour
I bought my Drotto Boat Latch after plenty of research of competitors hitches. I found this hitch to be the most reliable and also a better design and build than the others. I would be without mine, load and unload by my self even in rough water. My best purchase yet!read more
Drotto Automatic Boat Latch