Boat Loading Videos

Here are a couple of our boat loading videos and our customers boat loading videos. These are example boat loading videos of how well the Ramp N Clamp works with a V hull front boat. The examples below are a Ranger aluminum and a Triton bass fiberglass boat. The boat latch works on many types of V hull and Semi V hull boat and trailer setups. The boat latch is NOT LIMITED to the models shown here.

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Single Person Boat Loading Videos

Load a boat by yourself in seconds. With the boat latch on Boat2Trailer you can load a boat all by yourself in seconds. First you want to back your trailer into the water. Exit the vehicle, walk down to the dock and enter the boat. Now drive your boat into the trailer just above idle speed, you do not have to come in fast, but you do need enough speed to drive all the way up the trailer. Once the eye of your boat reaches the clamp it will lock onto the eye of your boat. Now that it is locked, you may shut down and raise your motor. Exit the boat to the dock. Now walk up to and enter the vehicle. Drive your boat and trailer forward to the dry water’s edge. Now exit the vehicle and hookup your strap for safe travel. That’s it. It’s that simple.

Which Boat2Trailer Latch
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