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The Drotto Boat Latch small model is designed to replace a 3″ – 3 3/8″ bow roller for a V front boat. Please measure the inside of your bow roller on your trailer and make sure it is between 3″ and 3 3/8″ wide. If you have a Ranger or Stratos boat, please refer to our Ranger Model not this model. Comes with handle and extension. See below for more info. The ANTI-THEFT Boat2Trailer Lock sold separately CLICK HERE. **This Model ships the week of Nov 28th thru Dec 2nd**

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The Drotto Boat Latch small model is very commonly used with Tracker, Nitro, G3 and all other boat and trailer setups that have a 3″ roller. If you have a Ranger or Stratos boat, please refer to our Ranger Model not this model. The Drotto small model replaces a roller that measures between 3″ and 3 3/8″ wide. The best way is to measure the inside width of the actual bracket the roller mounts inside. **NOTE** This will not work on pontoons or flat front boats.

Drotto Boat Latch Small Details

Drotto Small Model Specs

The latch is constructed of a very heavy gauge steel and weigh’s in at 13lbs. It’s sturdy. The 2 piece arm is included with purchase. The small model comes in a black powder coating (black) and occasionally Zinc (silver) models are available (check the coatings dropdown for the option). If the specs on your roller bracket width are 3-1/2 inches or wider please refer to the Large model.

To install the Drotto Boat Latch small model simply back your boat and trailer into the water. Once your boat is floating simply let out some slack from the strap while keeping the safety chain attached. Push the boat back roughly 8 inches to give yourself room to work.  Now remove the front roller or rubber V on your trailer. Once removed place the Drotto in its place and place the bolt through one of the 2 mounting holes. (typically the hole closest to the jaws is best) Now tip the Drotto to an angle that very closely matches the angle of the boat. Snug the bolt up. Now using your crank on your trailer crank the boat in until you hear the latch click, Now snug up the mounting bolt. This should be snug enough that the Drotto does not flop around, but you also do not want it real tight. It is best that it can move. Now that the Drotto latch is secure you can now install the release arm. Slide the thick spacer onto the side of the shaft you want the release arm to be on. Next slide the release arm on then install the coder pin to keep the Drotto handle secure. You are all set.

PLEASE NOTE** If you have a Ranger or Stratos boat please refer to our Ranger Model specifically for Ranger Stratos boats.

35 reviews for Drotto Small Model

  1. Hugh West

    The Drotto is the way to go if you’re looking for easy on/off at the boat launch! It takes a little getting used to, as you don’t have to put your trailer as deep in the water. No rolling up pant legs for this Angler… A friend got this for me as a gift and it has made the boat ramp a much better place. The only reason for giving 4 stars is I really could use a 3 “launching Arm” to make it a completely seamless process. Installed on a 21ft Tracker bunk trailer

  2. Jerry Krupinski

    No more wet feet. Does exactly as noted. Both easy Hook Ups and Release. Product is excellent and Customer Service is just as Good as the product. All questions answered with Courtesy and Professional results. You won’t be Disappointed.

  3. Mark Gilbertson

    Saw the Drotto on Midwest Outdoors TV and had to try it out. Installed it and have watched people absolutely stunned @ the ramps while effortlessly loading and unloading either by myself or with a fishing partner. The idea of having only about 3 minutes dedicated to each task makes the start and finish to each fishing day a joy. Only thing I’d add to the kit would be some bushings or spacers (which I found at my local Menard’s) to compensate for any minor variances in trailer specs. Thanks for the ingenuity. Thanks for making it in the USA!

  4. Juan Padilla

    Added it to my 2017 Ranger RT198, totally made a huge difference to my solo launching and especially Loading. Should come standard with the RT Series from Ranger. Very easy to install and even easier to Load my Boat!!

  5. Bradley Paul

    As advertised works great My wife will never feel the pain of a winch handle slap her hand again. Priceless! to say the least. Have it on a Shorelander Trailer for my 2015 Lund 1675 Pro Guide.

  6. Dwight Nelson

    This is the best money that I have spent. I would not be without it. It makes loading and unloading by myself a breeze. Absolutely love it.

  7. Don Trujillo

    I’m glad I bought this makes loading and offloading way much easier nice product the only reason why I didn’t give it 5 stars is there paint is already starting to flake but other than that really nice product would recommend.

  8. Jerry J Schneider

    To start I would have to agree with all previous positive remarks. To add to this another great thing is when my wife is backing the trailer in the Boatlanding it is never close enough to the dock or straight in. But I can still drive the boat on the trailer and latchet no problems. She can then pull it out of the water with oh me getting out of the trailer.

  9. Dale Mason

    Easy to put on trailer just like they say. Works great I haven’t heard anyone say they didn’t want one.

  10. Bill Simone

    Works great! Don’t have to get wet or hang over my trolling motor to hook up. Launching is easy peasy. Was easy to install would highly recommend it!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jason

    Bought my Boat2Trailer latch in July of 2015. It is now October of 2018 and it still works perfectly as advertised. I go solo most of the time so this was a no brainer for me. I still love it and people just stare in awe as I launch and recover all alone so easily at the ramp. Very cool product.

  12. richard sauer

    Best money I ever spent.Works great and should be standard on all trailers.

  13. Floyd Burchett

    I love best investment I’ve made.

  14. Mark Randall

    Works great for loading and unloading no more wading in to hook the winch strap and winching it in.
    Problem it took a few inches of paint off the keel. Otherwise I give it 5 stars

  15. Robert enBohlsen

    Larger boat works well talked to guys At factory great help

  16. Bruce Kilsdonk

    I like the theory of it and I have it on my trailer. Tried both holes for driving boat on and still having problems. I called the company and they gave me some suggestions so I put the bolt in the lower hole and tried it again. Kind of work but the weather has turned freezing and snow so will have to play with it again next year. I’m holding on to getting it to work.

  17. roger l. hetzel

    i have had mine for several years now and i would not be without it. i have suggested it to many people who i have seen with problems relating to the launch and retrieval of their boat. it is well worth every dime of its cost.

  18. Dean

    I’ve had the latch for about 2 years now and don’t know how I ever lived without it. Great product

  19. Wayne

    I fish alone a lot. The boat2trailer latch, along with a step system, makes it safer and easier at the ramp. Busy lake, busy ramp and I’m out of the way in a snap (or a click) ! I had to move the bolt and find the right amount of trailer to have submerged. Now it slides right on. The amount of trailer in the water was more important than the bolt location

  20. Shane Anderson

    This was super easy to order, install and a breeze to use. I love this product, everyone should have one

  21. William Baker

    Great innovation for bass boats! It was easy to install, works very well, and handles my 21′ boat with ease. I don’t have to try getting to the winch eye, which in my case is 20″ behind the bow, while standing on the tongue of the trailer. I use a thin butterfly hook to solve the problem with a standard winch eye and I wish boat2trailer would offer this as an option. It took me several tries to find a set up that solved the problem.

  22. ken whitmore

    I have launched alone for years, this is the greatest thing I have seen, I have a 22 ft sea pro on a bunk trailer, I have to be sure to back far enough to get the trailer in the water quite a ways but after that just be careful to line up well, don’t be afraid to back off and try again but as soon as it clicks I can just get out and pull the boat and trailer up and prepare for the road

  23. Jeff Nemish

    Even though the pictures for installation suck, it’s still real easy to install. The latch system is GREAT! I have a VERY bad back and recently had open heart surgery and this system makes launching and loading incredibly easy! It’s all about working smarter, not harder and the latch system makes me look like a genius(but we all know better-lol). I will be adding this system to my 2 business boats and my tournament rig. Thank you for coming up with such a great product. It’s worth every penny!!!

  24. Leo Belli

    After try to figure out why it wouldn’t click in. We called to find out why. So we did a couple minor adjustments and we got it to work. this will make loading and unloaded a breeze.

  25. Gary Owens

    Works as advertised. My only concern is the way they ship the item. 7 days to go 325 miles

  26. Harvey Mueller

    I replaced a Snapper boat latch with the Drotto 3″ on 19 ft FishMaster w McClain trailer. So far I’ve used it twice on a steep boat ramp similar to one that others have reported problems with but the Drotto has been superb. No issues to report to date. It is much better that my experiences with the Snapper. I’m looking forward to the same experience on other boat ramps as I get more time using it. A++ so far.

  27. Gary Westbrook

    My wife got me the Drotto 3″ for Christmas. I had read all about it and thought it might help me loading and unloading since I fish a lot by myself. I came before Christmas, but she wouldn’t let me have it until Christmas day! (Woman thing, you know) On Christmas day, I couldn’t wait any longer and decided to install it. My Xpress crappie special boat was in my warm shop, so I decided to forego the lake install. Everything went as planned. The only hiccup was changing to a different hole. My brother and I went fishing the next day. He backed me in the water and I pulled the rope. The boat slid effortlessly into the water! When we got back to the ramp, I told him to back down into the water as usual. I eased up on the trailer until I heard “click”, then told him to pull out. He asked if that was all there was. I said, “Yes, until we get out of the water.” This is the absolute best accessory you can own for your boat trailer!! Boat 2 Trailer did everything they promised in a very timely manner. Thank you for an excellent product!

  28. Terry

    Great product, wish I knew of this sooner. Installation was just a few minutes and loading / unloading is effortless. I installed side bunks as well to help position the bow and keep the boat straight for loading in river current.

  29. Daniel Blenker

    Well engineered, fits and installs as easy as It looks. Works as advertised. Nice and heavy duty. Didn’t like the long shipping timeline.

  30. Stephen Swenson

    Absolutely love this Drotto! Talked to the team and got some ideas. They were very nice and helpful!
    I’ve had two knee replacements so this is wonderful. I fish alone alot now there’s no more wet feet! Hallelujah!

  31. Rick

    put it on yesterday tried it out works great buy extra washer just in case, mine took 4 extra not including the one my buddy drop in the lake lol. with this and the trick steps I put on my feet should never get wet again, plus putting the boat in by yourself hole lot easer and less time at the boat ramp

  32. Steve A.

    Awesome product. Very minor adjustment to winch stand on my new 2022 Tracker Classic XL. This thing works exceptionally well and I am well pleased. I will recommend to others.

  33. Peter W Strupp

    Shipping was fast, the product arrived in good condition, and installed with minimal issues. Installed with a 16′ Alumacraft LV16 LTD and a ShoreLand’r roller trailer. I was very concerned when I first installed as the bow loop is very high on the boat. I thought it wasn’t going to work but to my surprise, it works pretty well. Just drive it up in there and you can hear it click and the boat sticks on the Drotto! I had to move the winch post forward about 3″ so it sat in the same place but overall, very satisfied. Thanks!

  34. Georgia

    Easy to install. Works great. We have a 38 year old boat/trailer and this was a great solution to easily get our 16′ boat off/on. works just as advertised and great quality product

  35. Steve

    Quick and easy install. Works just as advertised. No more leaning out over the bow to connect my winch hook. very pleased with the latch so far.

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