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Will the boat latch work

Drotto Boat Latch Compatibility

Look here for Drotto Boat Latch compatibility answers. The most common question we get is “Will the Drotto Boat Latch work on my boat?” Is the Drotto Boat Latch compatible with my boat and trailer setup? Here is a simple breakdown of 4 questions. If you answer yes to these 4 simple questions, The Drotto Boat Latch will probably work well on your boat and trailer setup. See below.

The Boat Must Have A V Hull

The Drotto Boat Latch needs some sort of V in order to help guide the boat into the latching mechanism. If it’s a modified V, Deep V,  Tri V etc it should qualify. It just needs enough of a V to help guide it into the center. It will not work on flat front or pontoons.

Drotto Boat Latch will work
Drotto Boat Latch will work
Drotto Boat Latch will not work
Drotto Boat Latch will not work
Flat Front Drotto non compatible Boat2Trailer
The Bow Eye Position

The bow eye or U bolt on the boat must be positioned under the bumper or roller of the wench arm. This bow eye should also be touching the bumper or roller. If it is below the roller 3-12″ you will need to adjust your wench arm height. The bow eye of the boat needs to slide up into the latch in order for it to grab. Adjust your wench arm accordingly in order to make this compatible.

Drotto Boat Latch Bow Eye will work
Drotto Boat Latch WILL work
Drotto Boat Latch Bow Eye will NOT work
The Bow Eye

The bow eye should be the same width throughout. In order for the latch to be able to grab the eye properly it should be the same width the entire area to the boat. Since it grabs the bow eye close, almost flush to the boat, it needs to have enough area to grab.

Drotto Boat Latch Bow Eye works
Drotto Boat Latch Bow Eye compatible
Compatible Tracker eye Drotto Boat2Trailer
Drotto Boat Latch Bow Eye questionable
big eye metal filled NOT compatible
How Close is the Bow Eye to the Tip

On some boats the bow eye is very close to the tip of the boat. We do NOT have an exact measurement of how far the distance needs to be, but this gives you an idea of what will work. Please use your best judgement. If the tip of the nose is within roughly 6″ of the Bow eye the latch will probably not have enough room to fit between the boat and the trailer and will be difficult to load.

Bow eye will work
Bow eye will work
Bow eye too close to tip
Bow eye too close to tip. Questionable compatibility.
No Major Obstruction on the Front Bow / Keel

The boat has to be able to slightly slide up the latch in order to properly engage. If there is an obstruction on the keel or upper bow the boat latch may catch on the obstruction and not work properly. Below are a few references showing obstructions or possible issues. Please note a standard ridge around the hull should not cause issues. It’s only when the ridge flares or extends over the keel.

Drotto Boat Latch Bow Eye will NOT work 2
Drotto Boat Latch Bow Eye will NOT work 3
Bow eye will work 1
Double Roller Bow Stop Install
drotto compatability

Here is a good visual if you have a double roller bow stop. In this version, simply remove the top roller, install the latch in place of the top roller and adjust the winch arm to line up the bow eye with the latching system. Another option is to remove the double bow stop completely and install the latch directly to the winch post.

These are just suggestions on what irregularities to look for. The Drotto Boat Latch works on a number of boats, but these are a few factors to keep in mind.

A list of boat brands customers have used the Drotto Boat Latch with. (BUT NOT LIMITED TO)

Drotto Boat Latch