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How Drotto Boat Latch Works

On this page we walk you through how Drotto boat latch works. See below as we walk you through every step of how Drotto boat latch works once installed on a boat trailer.

Step 1 How Drotto Boat Latch Works

Guide the boat onto the trailer with the boat motor set just barely above idle. You want to have just enough momentum to have your boat be able to crawl up the trailer and the bow eye to reach the Drotto boat latch. Do NOT come into the trailer and ramp at high speeds!


Step 2 How Drotto Boat Latch Works

While bringing the boat into the trailer, the over 8″ wide plastic coating of the latch helps guide the eye of the boat into the latching mechanism. Once the bow eye comes into contact with the latching mechanism, the latch clamps onto the bow eye of your boat and lock it into place.


Step 3 How Drotto Boat Latch Works

Now that the Drotto Boat Latch has your boat secured to your trailer, you may exit the boat and drive to the dry waters edge. The Drotto automatic boat latch has been dead weight tested to hold up to 6,500 lbs. and towed 21,000 lbs.


Step 4 How Drotto Boat Latch Works

Now that your Drotto boat latch is secure and you have driven to a safe dry place to park, attach the strap and safety chains for your boat. The Drotto boat latch is designed to only take up a small portion of your bow eye space. Leaving room for your boat strap hook and your safety chain hook.


How the Drotto Boat Latch works

The Drotto boat latch was created and designed with the everyday boating or fishing enthusiast needs in mind. The idea of the Drotto boat latch design is to be able to make loading and unloading a boat fast and easy. Sometimes a person would like to get out on the lake by themselves or go with another person that might not be capable of helping with loading or unloading as much, such as bringing a youngster. The Drotto boat latch offers the everyday fisherman one less experience to worry about. Below you will find a video demonstrating how the Drotto boat latch works during a real boat outing.

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