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Drotto Boat Latch

Drotto Boat Latch
Drotto Boat Latch
Drotto Boat Latch
Drotto Boat Latch

The Drotto boat latch is designed to mount on the front of your trailer. This automatic boat latch will replace the front roller on your trailer. Once the Drotto has been installed, it will act as a latch or locking device for your boat. You will be able to drive your boat up the trailer and the Drotto will latch or lock it for you. Here is a quick summary how. The bow eye on the front of your boat will come in contact with the latch and the latch will automatically lock it.

With the Drotto Boat Latch NO MORE…

  • Hanging over the bow to hookup your strap and chain
  • Keeping the motor running to keep you boat up tight while hooking up straps and chains.
  • Getting in the water to hookup
  • Needing 2 people to go out boating
  • Yelling from others to “hurry up”

The list of benefits can go on and on. So now you drive the boat up and it automatically locks in. Once the boat locks in you may step out of the boat. Now pull the vehicle forward to the dry water’s edge. Once you are on dry land walk over and hookup your safety chain and strap for safe travel.

Click below to find more of an depth description of “how it works”.

Drotto Boat Latch Videos


Drotto Boat Latch

Loading Videos

Drotto Boat Latch load

Launching Videos

Drotto Boat Latch Launching Videos

Bow Drop Bracket

Bow Drop Bracket

Installation of the Drotto Boat Latch

Learn how to install the boat latch on a Roller or bunk trailer.

Installing the Drotto boat latch on most boat trailers is very simple. The Drotto is designed to replace the front roller on your trailer. The mounting bracket of the Drotto slides right in between the mounting bracket your roller is attached to. So basically you remove your existing bow roller from the front of your trailer and replace it with the latch. Typically a one bolt installation that takes only a few minutes. You will see 2 images below. Click on the image labeled bunk trailer install to watch how to install the Drotto on a bunk trailer. Click on the image labeled roller trailer install to watch how to install the Drotto latch on a roller trailer.

Bunk Trailer Installation

Drotto Boat Latch

Roller Trailer Install

Drotto Boat Latch roller install

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Drotto Boat Latch


Welcome to Boat2Trailer.com. We are doing our best to revolutionize the boating industry. Offering the simplest and most effective automatic boat loader and automatic boat launcher on the market. Boat2Trailer travels all over the country displaying and showcasing the Drotto Boat Latch. We drive to Sportshows all over the country for 3 months straight every year. Equaling over 9,000 miles in only 3 months trying to help as many boaters as we possibly can. At Boat2Trailer we understand how important it can be to actually see something in person. This encourages us to travel more and more every year to let consumers like you see, hold and feel the durability of the latch.


The inventors of the Drotto boat latch are avid fisherman, boating enthusiasts and outdoors men.
It seems the hardest part about a fishing trip (other than finding the fish) is the loading and unloading of the boat. With this simple Drotto automatic boat latch, a single person can load and unload a V front boat with ease. Imagine loading a boat and never stepping foot in the water. The Drotto boat latch can catch a boat from the water and release a boat into the water without any resetting or a person getting into the water. No other auto boat latch product on the market offers this. Start enjoying the fishing and boating trips even more by knowing how easy you will be able to load and unload that boat.

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