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We at Boat2Trailer try to ship out your purchase Via USPS within 2 BUSINESS days of purchase. (typically next day)  You will receive a separate email with the tracking information from USPS when your package leaves our facility.

ALL SHIPPING OPTIONS: Once the item has left our facility please allow 3 – 14 business days shipping time. Please only contact the shipper in regards to shipping not Boat2Trailer,

***Do not contact Boat2Trailer before 21 days has passed since the item was shipped.***


As soon as your item ships, you will receive a separate email with your tracking information from USPS. In that email you will be notified of what shipping company was used and a link to their website to track your purchase. Please feel free to visit that link to find an exact ETA once you receive that email. Do not contact Boat2Trailer since we have already passed on the item.

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