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Drotto Latch Large With Roller

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The Large Boat Latch with roller is designed to replace a 3-5/8 inch – 4 inch bow roller. With this Drotto boat latch model we added a bracket and roller to our existing Large model. Having the additional roller added typically will NOT hurt anything having it. It will only help when needed. The added bracket and roller helps the nose or bow of the boat roll off of the Drotto boat latch during launching. The roller is for launching at steep landings or boats that tend to have a nose drop when launching. Typically a boat with a heavy nose or any boat launching at a steep landing the bow of the boat drops during launching and the tip of the nose sometimes catches on the existing roller. The added roller keeps the tip of the nose from catching. The bracket and roller is needed for the boat latch system to work properly on trailer and boat setups that have this problem. Measure the inside width of the bow roller bracket on your trailer and make sure it is 3-5/8 inch – 4 inch wide before ordering. The Drotto boat latch is constructed of a very heavy gauge steel and weigh’s in at 14lbs. It’s sturdy. The 2 piece arm is included with purchase. The second piece is to extend the arm above the bow. The Drotto Boat Latch 3 3/4 with roller style comes in a black powder coating or Zinc coating (the drop down below will give you the option). If the specs of your roller bracket width are 3″ – 3 3/8″ wide please refer to the small model.

**NOTE** This will not work on pontoons or flat front boats. This model is designed specifically for v front boats.



Boat Latch Lock

If you are concerned about the security of your boat latch at the ramp, then this is the item for you. Secure your latch on your trailer by simply adding a lock to the lock nut side of the bolt. Keep someone from snatching your boat latch at the ramp or at home.

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Drotto Latch Description

The Drotto Latch Large model w/ roller is very commonly used with Triton, Lund, Alumacraft, Crestliner, Smokercraft and many more. This Latch is recommended for boat – trailers that have a 3 5/8″ – 4″ roller. The best way is to measure the inside width of the actual bracket the roller mounts inside.


installation of the Drotto Latch Large model w roller is a simple one bolt installation. First back your boat and trailer into the water. Lower the trailer into the water until the boat starts to float. Then once your boat is floating, you may let out a little slack from the strap while keeping the safety chain attached. Push the boat back into the water roughly 8 inches to give yourself room to work. Now that you have room, remove the bolt from your front roller on your trailer. Now take the roller off. Once removed place the Drotto latch in its place and place the bolt through one of the 2 mounting holes. (typically the hole closest to the jaws is best). After the bolt is installed tip the latch to an angle that very closely matches the angle of the boat. Snug the bolt up just enough so that it is not flopping around. Now using your crank the boat in until you hear the Drotto latch click, Now snug up the mounting bolt. This should be snug enough that the Drotto latch does not flop around, but you also do not want it real tight. It is best that it can move. Now that the latch is secure you can install the release arm. Slide the thick spacer onto the side of the shaft you want the release arm to be on. Next slide the release arm on then install the coder pin to keep the Drotto handle secure. You are all set.

39 reviews for Drotto Latch Large With Roller


    One bolt does not hold device. Device moves. Nut does not hold tight.

    • boat2trailer

      Thanks for the feedback Edward. Just note you typically want the latch to swivel a little. The latch should not be really tight.

  2. Jeff Cooke

    This thing is great, easy to install and use. I love it.

  3. Roger Gill

    Works Great. Boat locks in place very easily.

  4. Billy Clanton

    I love this thing it saves time an work it is easy to install and to use

  5. Billy Clanton

    This thing is great it is easy to install an to use it saves time an work

  6. Phil Lenox

    When it worked it was great. It has stopped working and I’m back to crawling over the nose to secure the winch. In it’s defense it may just need some lube as its been a few years with no maintenance.

  7. Chuck

    Everyone unloading or loading a boat by themselves should have one of these. Back the boat down, climb in, pull the rope…and “clack” the boat slides off the trailer into the water. Same thing coming in…line the boat up, give it some throttle, up the bunk boards and “clack”, your latched. Shut the motor down, and pull the boat out. Super easy!!!

  8. William Hornsey

    Just purchased. Have loaded and unloaded the boat three times. Had to adjust the roller wheel. So far the product works as advertised. I am 66 years old and it keeps me from hanging over the bow to latch the boat.

  9. Mike Beus

    Works well for someone that fishes by them self. It was a little more difficult to install due to my trailer mount having a 4 inch opening. Had to place washers to make of the space. Everything when well with the mounting. Its has made it much easiler to load the boat when the wind is blowing.

  10. Mark

    I had hard time cranking up my 217 gl Lund With this I simply drive up and it latches. Also makes unloading much easier I unhook winch and safety strap back in and pull lever when I’m already tied off to dock. I will never not have one of these. Also bought my 71 year old father one and he loves it! It will push boat back couple inches on trailer so trim tabs need to pushed out more

  11. Donald Lundin

    Easy to install works as advertised so far so good!

  12. Ken Christie

    Installed on a Triton 189 bass boat and it works great. Have used all season and never a problem. Easy to use, engages every time.

  13. Brett Humphus

    I mostly fish alone, which means I launch and load my 23′ bay boat alone. This product has been an absolute blessing since installation! Even with a custom built trailer, with my boat being a Vhull there’s no way to prevent slide-back when loading. This always caused me to have to get wet or strain my back bending and stretching out over the bow to winch it in a foot or so. With the Drotto Latch all I have to do is drive up and it locks in, I step out onto the dock and get in the truck and pull out of the ramp. That simple. Highly Recommend!

  14. Ken

    Works as advertised, I wait 10-15 minutes for other people loading and unloading there boat usual way. I am in or out of water in approximately a minute or two and that’s because I let motor warm up 30 seconds when launching. People just watch with amazement at ramp. Great product, no more wet feet and hand cranking! With all the high water at boat ramps took couple of times to find trailer depth for my bunk trailer but now it works great every time. Save time, wet feet and frustration.

  15. Bill Chapman

    Only been able to use it 2 or 3 times but it seems to work properly and makes it much easier to launch and retrieve boat. Wish I had this years ago.

  16. Bob Larson

    Had watched other boat owners load using the Drotto and was impressed. Don’t know why I waited so long to add one to my own trailer. I ordered the roller version and probably would not have had to, doesn’t interfere with operation just don’t believe it was needed on my 2015 – 1900 Tyee w/bunk trailer. Took less than 5 minutes to install. Wish I had put the Drotto on years ago!

  17. Jon Clouse

    After buying a longer bolt to fit the trailer for my 18’ Lund, the device works well. Every ramp is a different angle and you have to learn how far to back in trailer for each ramp.

  18. David

    Had a problem at first but the service team made thing right. Now with the parts that are for my boat the dam thing works just as they said it would. I even demoed how it works to other boaters and it went over in a big way.

  19. David Duquaine

    I have a 185 Alumacraft Love it I fish alone most of the time unloading is as simple as pulling the lever. Loading took a couple of times to figure out how deep to back in my trailer (roller) after that so easy it’s scary. I will and have recommended your product to friends who also purchased it. Can’t say enough about it, it’s a must for all

  20. Kevin Orr

    This device is a game changer! I am a wheelchair user and have a Triton bass boat. This device makes it much easier to launch and load. I added a rope to make it easier to launch when in boat. The load is the best, drive the boat on the trailer and click you are done. This is the best device I have added to my boat!

  21. Stephen

    I often fish by myself or my small kids. This has made loading the boat so much quicker and easier I can’t believe it. I highly recommend this.

  22. Brett Senechal

    Love mine! Easy to install! Only thing I would think about doing is having a longer bolt. An inch longer would work great!

  23. Rick Krueger

    I’m 66 and this makes loading and launching the boat (which I’m out about 100 times a year, usually alone, not always with piers) much easier. As others have mentioned I had to add washers for spacing and installed a longer bolt. But I also bought the Boat Latch Lock and drilled out the hole in the housing to 1/2″, and everything works well now. Note the lock is meant for trailer/wheel locks, and doesn’t fit flush and secure without modifications. Very happy with the quality and how it performs!

  24. Don Milbourn

    This thing works great back in the water pull the handle the boats gone off the trailer when you load it back in load the boat on it clicks most people are struggling were in and out in no time wouldn’t be without it


    Easy installation and it works great. I did have an issue with a contact area on my boat just above the eye but I was able to get a scuff guard to take care of that issue. Otherwise a great purchase.

  26. John Kaczmarek

    Bought this for my 2017 Alumacraft 185 Competitor Sport with Minkota Terrova trolling motor. I bought the model with the roller. Product works great! If you load alone or with a partner that does not drive a boat or back up a trailer this is the product for you! I did end up taking the roller off mine. The boat had a tendency to go to the side of the roller, and still latch, causing minor scratching to keel. I do not think the roller was necessary for this model and boat set-up. I also did install a visual “landmark” to the latching arm to help center the boat before pushing the boat to latch mechanism. I back the trailer in a tad further so now I can ease the boat to the latch instead of ramming it like shown in some of the videos. You can hear a click when the latching takes place. I do not like power loading with my bunk trailer at the landing. Causes good landings to become poor landings. Good product and others that I fish with have all asked how much and how to get one.

  27. Quintin

    This is a “must have” for any boat It’s built solid and easy to install.
    Outstanding product!!

  28. Darrell Wooten

    Great product won’t be disappointed would buy again

  29. Mark

    Easy to install, works great once you learn how deep to back in the trailer.

  30. edward mcallister

    I just finished installing the 3 3/4 with the roller on my boat, it matched up perfectly. I tested on the boat ramp but I have not had a chance to actually use it yet. I’m looking forward to launching myself.

  31. Terry

    Should have bought one years ago, took some adjusting but works great now. Easy on easy off .

  32. Dick Gries

    Have a 20 ft Warrior and fish alone most of the time. Solved a big problem loading and unloading. Very well made, great service from Rob (owner)

  33. Jesse Ochoa

    Just put the 3 3/4″ with roller on my Triton Tr210, best money I’ve spent. Don’t have to worry about my boat sliding back or off the trailer anymore. I am paralyzed, so this just made life a lot easier. Just drive the boat on the trailer and click in, its that easy.

  34. Phil

    So far perfect. Real easy install, I should have bought one years ago. Highly recommend .

  35. David

    Just put the 3 3/4″ with roller on my 2006 Triton 190-FS, and have used about six times. It has made both loading and unloading much easier. Was originally concerned about hitting the latch correctly while loading during windy conditions but this has not been a problem. The product has worked perfectly every time.

  36. gary baker

    Work great have 21 ft Alumacraft . Easy to install ,I fish alone a lot so makes everything really easy.

  37. Frank

    Works as advertised, makes loading & unloading the boat a snap!

  38. Ronald

    Received faster than I expected. Easy to installed. Have not used yet but feel this is the perfect item to assist with loading and unloading.

  39. JC

    Super easy to install, can’t wait to use it this spring. Looks like it will make launch and load from my Shorelander w/rollers a breeze!

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