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Drotto Boat Latch 3 3/4″ With Roller

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The 3 3/4″ Boat Latch with roller is designed to replace a 3-5/8 inch – 4 inch bow roller. With this Drotto boat latch model we just added a bracket and roller to our existing 3 3/4″ model. The added bracket and roller helps the nose or bow of the boat roll off of the Drotto boat latch during launching. The roller is for boats that have a nose or bow of the boat that drops during launching or the tip of the nose sometimes catches on the existing roller. The bracket and roller is needed for the boat latch system to work properly on trailer and boat setups that have this problem. Measure the inside width of the bow roller bracket on your trailer and make sure it is 3-5/8 inch – 4 inch wide before ordering. The Drotto boat latch is constructed of a very heavy gauge steel and weigh’s in at 14lbs. It’s sturdy. The 2 piece arm is included with purchase. The 3 3/4″ Boat Latch with roller style only comes in a black powder coating. If the specs of your roller bracket width are 3 inches please refer to to 3 inch model.

**NOTE** This will not work on pontoons or flat front boats. This model is designed specifically for v front boats.

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6 reviews for Drotto Boat Latch 3 3/4″ With Roller


    One bolt does not hold device. Device moves. Nut does not hold tight.

    • boat2trailer

      Thanks for the feedback Edward. Just note you typically want the latch to swivel a little. The latch should not be really tight.

  2. Jeff Cooke

    This thing is great, easy to install and use. I love it.

  3. Roger Gill

    Works Great. Boat locks in place very easily.

  4. Billy Clanton

    I love this thing it saves time an work it is easy to install and to use

  5. Billy Clanton

    This thing is great it is easy to install an to use it saves time an work

  6. Phil Lenox

    When it worked it was great. It has stopped working and I’m back to crawling over the nose to secure the winch. In it’s defense it may just need some lube as its been a few years with no maintenance.

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