Boat2Trailer Release Rope

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Boat2Trailer Release Rope does not come with the purchase of a latch, but we do offer it as an accessory. It’s not recommended for any other uses than releasing the latch. Simply attach the release rope to the latch handle by feeding loop through the handle eyelet then feed the coated end through the loop and pull through. Once attached, measure distance from handle to trailer tire. Be sure to cut rope to desired length in order to avoid running over excess rope with trailer tire. When releasing the arm, pull rope in a straight back motion. Avoid pulling side to side, this can bend or damage the latch handle.

  • Diameter 3/8”
  • Length 15 ft.
  • Eye Length 12”


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5 reviews for Boat2Trailer Release Rope

  1. Tim Shore

    Best rope I’ve ever pulled 😆😆😆

  2. Richard G Hansen

    This is one of the best items you can buy for your boat!

  3. John Hagler


  4. Bryant

    Love Mine!

  5. michael sorenson

    love the idea of easy release

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