Please Watch Either Step by Step Installation Video Below and PLEASE See Troubleshooting Below If Needed.


1- Won't Release When Handle Pulled

Handle wont Release

***Do NOT pull harder on the handle, This will not make the jaws open.***

If the bow eye is tight up against the jaws, the jaws will not open when the handle is pulled. Simply float the boat to release the pressure and the jaws will open when the release arm is pulled.

2- Boat latch will not grab the eye or "I miss the latch every time"

not grabbing

Missing left or right, shooting over the top or “it’s not latching when I hit it” is very commonly caused by trailer depth. Having the trailer too deep can cause all of these problems. Having the trailer out of the water more will allow the trailer to center your boat on the trailer and raise the front end of the boat into the latch to click in.

3- The latch and the eye are not lined up when sitting on the trailer or you have a big gap between the plastic and the bow of the boat.

Good Fit
adjust stand

If the eye is too low or too high. Adjust the winch stand up or down to match up the eye on the boat with the latch. Note: Moving the stand forward can raise the eye and get the boat on the trailer further. Not sure how to adjust your stand? Contact your trailer manufacturer,

4- When I travel the latch opens

Handle wont Release

The latch opens because the handle was not removed during travel. If you hit a bump going down the road it can cause the handle to “bounce” creating a releasing jolt on the handle. This will cause the jaws to open. Simply remove the handle during travel to eliminate this issue.

5- How to Manually Close the Jaws

The jaws can be opened and closed by pulling the handle up in the “release position”. Once the handle is in the release position the jaws will move freely. Simply pinch the jaws together while the handle is in the release position. Once the jaws are together simply release the handle and the jaws will stay closed.