Drotto Boat Latch FAQ

Does the Drotto latch work on Pontoons or flat front boats?

No, The Drotto Boat Latch does not work on pontoons or flat front boats.

What size or model Drotto do I need for my Boat?

The Drotto actually replaces the front roller of your trailer by mounting within that bracket. Since you are installing the latch within that bracket, you just need to know what the width of your bracket is. The Drotto only comes in 2 sizes 3″ and 3 3/4″. Here is a link explaining how and what to measure. What sIze Drotto do I need.

How tight should the bolt be when the latch is installed?

When installing the Drotto Boat Latch you want to keep it snug. Do NOT tighten the latch too tight. You want the latch to be able to pivot when loading into it. It will need to adjust or move slightly to compensate for different pitches or angles of landings.

Is it hard to line up the boat with the latch?

The key is trailer depth. Typically not putting the boat in deep when launching or loading will eliminate issues.

Launching : When launching your boat, it’s best not to put the trailer in deep. Typically it causes the back of the boat to raise and the front or nose of the boat to drop. If the nose of the boat drops too fast or hard it may catch on the latch. This pertains to any situation whether you have a latch installed or standard roller installed you risk the front or tip of the nose hitting.

Loading: This has the same effect loading. If you are in too deep the nose will drop and have a tendency to drive under the latch. Typically you want the trailer in less deep. Let the trailer guide you up and align the boat. Water and waves will play a much larger roll in loading if the trailer is in deep.

Do I have to power load when using the Drotto?

You do NOT need to power load when using the latch. When loading your boat, you just need to come in above Idle. It may take a few practice runs to get used to, but you can find the right speed and glide right up the trailer all the way to the latch. Once you slide into the latch it will automatically snap shut and lock the boat. You may then shut down the motor. Crawling up the trailer and racing the motor “power loading” can tear up the landing. Since the latch grabs your boat, you may just glide right up and shut down once it locks. Therefore no need to “power load”.

How does Drotto work in wind and current?

Customer Review… “Wind from the side or back does not affect loading onto this any differently than it would affect loading onto a standard roller….
Matter of fact, this is way better because when you nose into it, it latches..!
And you’re no longer fighting the wind or waves to go up and hook your winch strap onto your boat eye..” Here is a link to our latest Wind and current video.

Why won't my Drotto release when I pull the handle?

Don’t pull the Drotto release handle on flat surface or in the driveway. If the bow eye of the boat is up tight against the latch the jaws will not release. If there is pressure against the back of the jaws and you pull the release handle, nothing will happen, Typically when you back the boat down into the water or float the boat, the boat will slide back just enough to release this pressure. Then you may pull the handle to release the boat. ***PULLING HARDER ON THE HANDLE WILL NOT HELP RELEASE THE JAWS. Simply float the boat.

Does the Drotto latch work on bunk trailers or roller trailers?

Yes the Drotto Boat Latch works on both bunk trailers and roller trailers alike.

Do I still need to use my safety chain and strap when using the Drotto?

Yes. Hookup your safety chains and strap. The Drotto latch is meant to secure your boat to the trailer when loading. This allows you to get out of the water without climbing over the bow or getting in the water. The latch is NOT meant to be your only safety device during travel. We 100% recommend securing your safety chain and strap at the dry waters edge. Do NOT travel far with only the latch holding your boat. Secure your latch, straps and chain during travel.

Does the Drotto latch work on Fiberglass Boats?

Yes. It works on fiberglass and aluminum boats alike.