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Drotto Boat Latch Strength

Many people ask “But how strong is it?” or “Can I trust it?” Well we decided it’s best to just show you how strong it is. Here are just a few examples of how strong the Drotto Boat Latch is.

The Drotto Boat Latch strength test. “The Jeep”

Drotto Boat Latch strength test description

In this video we wanted to show the strength of the jaws on the Drotto boat latch. We attached a chain to the front end of this 11,000lb jeep, then attached the jaws of the Drotto boat latch to the chain and the skid loader to the Drotto Boat Latch. You will see here, the Drotto jaws never open, bend, or break during the demonstration. The Drotto Latch is built with a very heavy gauge steel in order to withstand extreme weight or pressure such as this demonstration shows.

Drotto Boat Latch Strength Test 21,000lb Tow

Drotto Boat Latch Strength test – towing a Heavy Load.

In this Drotto boat latch strength test, we demonstrate the strength of the jaws on the Drotto Boat Latch. We attached a chain to the front vehicle, The Drotto to the chain, then followed with 21,000lbs of vehicle and trailers. Notice the Drotto Boat Latch never breaks, opens, bends or releases without the lever being pulled.

Drotto Boat Latch – How is it so strong?

Allot of people wonder how the Drotto Boat Latch can be so strong. Well the truth is the patented designed allows for an extremely durable locking system for the jaws of the boat latch. The Drotto Boat Latch is also made up of a very heavy gauge steel that is durable enough to withstand very heavy loads. We have over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing business and we know how to build a product that will last. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us.