Drotto Roller Add On

What Is The Roller Add On For?

The Roller Add On can be mounted on the face of the Drotto Boat Latch. It helps the tip of a boat from catching on the Drotto boat latch when launching. Some boats are nose heavy or come off the trailer hard and drop the nose when launching. Or if you launch at steep landings the nose of the boat tends to drop fast and possibly hit the latch. If this occurs the additional bow drop bracket helps the nose roll off the latch and not catch on the tip of the nose. Below you will see our video showing how it works. If you launch at a number of steep landings this may come in handy. Having the roller add on will not hurt having, but may help if ever the nose does drop while launching. We STRONGLY recommend for Triton, Warrior, Ranger, Stratos, Nitro and G3. Basically if your nose drops during launching or you launch at steep landings occasionally, get the one with the roller.

Can I add this later or to my existing latch?

The answer is yes. The latch has 2 pre-drilled holes in the face of the latch under the sticker. The add on roller can mount in these holes and be added at anytime.

Roller Add On
Roller Add On