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Drotto Boat Latch FAQ

Over the years there have been a number of Drotto Boat Latch FAQ. We decided to post the typical questions we get asked daily. Please refer to the FAQ section below in order to help quickly answer your question. Just click the plus sign to find the answer.

Should I keep the arm on at all times?

We recommend removing the arm when not in use and during travel.

Do I have to hit the Drotto boat latch exactly straight on in order for it to latch?

No. The Drotto boat latch is approximately 8″ wide. When the bow of the boat comes into contact with the V shaped plastic it helps guide the boat and bow eye to the center.

Does it work on fiberglass boats?

Yes. It works on fiberglass and aluminum boats alike.

Does this work on Pontoons or flat front boats?

No, The Drotto Boat Latch does not work on pontoons or flat front boats.

Does it work on Roller Trailers and Bunk Trailers?

Yes the Drotto Boat Latch works on both bunk trailers and roller trailers alike.

How does it work in the wind and waves?

Customer Review… “Wind from the side or back does not affect loading onto this any differently than it would affect loading onto a standard roller….
Matter of fact, this is way better because when you nose into it, it latches..!
And you’re no longer fighting the wind or waves to go up and hook your winch strap onto your boat eye..”

will it work on my boat
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